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18th, November 2023

Saturday morning MASH-UP

True to form, Paul has always taken on new challenges, and this was definitely something new. Ask to appear on BBC Scotland's "Saturday Morning Mash-Up" Paul expected to sing an upbeat Elvis song but instead sang the theme song "The Competition Caravan". 

This was a great experience and a pleasure to work with a great team and lots of screaming children. 

17th, November 2023

Elvis Scotty Dog in St Andrews

Maggies Dundee

(We are here for anyone living with cancer, and their family and friends, across Tayside)


"Thank you so much to Openview Gallery who have raised a fantastic £2565 for Maggie's Dundee by raffling to beautiful paintings. We cannot appreciate your support enough and a huge congratulations to our winners"

This was a really fun event, I enjoyed performing "Hound Dog" at this annual charity event, for an amazing cause. 



30th September, 2023

Elvis by Candlelight Paul Thorpe

This has been a great year for Paul, performing with his 8-piece band at the Official Elvis by Candlelight shows in some of the most beautiful venues in the country including; 'Durham Cathedral', 'The Sheldonian Theatre Oxford, and 'The Assembly Rooms' Edinburgh.

It was an absolute pleasure performing my show at all the venues we did this year. Working with fantastic musicians, stage management and superb sound technicians. I am really looking forward to the next few years. 

27th, November 2023

Foodies Festival Paul Thorpe

Had some great sets at the Foodies Festivals in Glasgow and Edinburgh. with an average audience of 2000 people, who were absolutely fantastic.

Paul performed his set on the main stage, along with Callum Beatie and Scouting For Girls. Hopefully he will be back in 2024.

21st October, 2023

British Naturism Paul Thorpe

British Nationalism


This was one of the most unusual events I have ever sand at. 90 nudists singing and dancing away.... they were a fantastic audience and I throughly enjoyed it. It was so nice to see some of my regular show fans attend also, thanks for coming guys. 

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